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We help all abilities: Worrying about how unfit you are and whether you can keep up with the group is normal. The workouts are tailored to all abilities as our trainers are able to help you due to the small group size. Unlike a dance aerobic class where the trainer works out and you have to keep up. Instead, at Combat Fit you are able to do the session at your own pace.

Small Class sizes: We know that large fitness classes can make you feel like a number. So we keep our class sizes between 10-12 people per class. This allows our personal trainers to work with you on a more personal level at an affordable cost and also makes you feel less anxious that loads of people are going to be watching you. We are big enough to be fun, but small enough to still be quality.

Non Gym Environment: Walking into a gym is intimidating, scary and all the equipment can look way too confusing. So that’s why our small group training takes place at village halls and community centres. Combat Fit brings people together, providing you with a sense of belonging from the very first time you walk into a class. Expect a good laugh and a sweaty workout, with loads of help along the way.
Our workouts take the best training and exercising methods and combines them into a single package to offer you an effective training program. You’ll be correctly warmed up, followed by a workout that is split into 3 different phases. These 3 phases will cover skill/strength training, HIIT, and anaerobic/cardio fitness. We have two different classes for you to choose from CoreCardio and Pads & Circuits, or simply add both into your training regime. We provide the equipment and knowledge giving you a varied workout every session, because let’s face it. Gyms are boring.

Nutrition Mentoring – There is nothing more frustrating than putting the sweat, effort and time into exercise, but your nutrition preventing you from getting results. So that’s why our trainers keep a close eye on your nutrition using the MyFitnessPal app, providing you with guidance and nutrition knowledge you need to gain and sustain results.

Online support group – We know that a busy schedule can get in the way of you travelling down to a class. But don’t worry, we have an online support group where you can join our live online workouts, or catch up with our saved workouts online whenever is convenient for you. You can also chat with our other members and trainers for help and advice or general chit chat
Below you can see a some of our clients transformations on their journey with Combat Fit!
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