Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions:
Every class is different and varies between HIIT, endurance and strength workouts. The Pads & Circuit classes focus on both strength and endurance. Whilst CoreCardio classes focus on HIIT exercises that improve cardio levels and core strength. Visit the our classes page for more information.
15 minute warm up and stretches to active muscles. Followed by the 30 minute workout. Finally, 15 minutes to coll down and stretch off to improve flexibility and mobility.
Our members have seen results after just a month, depending on how many classes they attend weekly and there dedication outside of class for example diet.
No, everyone joins to improve their fitness levels. Our instructor also adapts the workout around you, giving you easier alternatives if you’re struggling. We are nothing like an aerobics/dance class. Eveyone works at an individual pace.
Yes depending on the injury. If you have any current broken bones or sprains then it’s best to wait until you’re recovered and got consent from your doctor. However, every new member fills out a health questionnaire so the instructor can adapt an exercise if needed. If you wish to discuss your health before joining a class please contact me direct.
Yes, our classes are mixed.
All classes are kept below 25 people. That way the instructor can coach, motivate and guide you through each workout making the session more personal to each member.
Minum age 16-18 years accompanied by an adult. Age ranges 18 to 60 years old.
Yes, you can either partner up with someone within a padwork class. Or work alongside you’re friend during one of our circuit classes.
Comfortable/breathable clothing and lightweight trainers.