Our Story
Combat Fit was created out of the passion for offering a variation of fitness classes in a non-gym environment.

Founded in 2016, it was the realisation of a vision that founder Dean Howard had, when he realised there wasn’t anything out there for people who want to get fit, but find the gym intimidating.

Founder Dean Howard says “The thought of going into a gym and feeling like you’re going to be judged can put most people off getting fit. Some people turn to fitness classes for motivation and guidance. But most fitness classes take place in studio’s or gyms and consist of large groups of people that choreograph the same exercise and movements weekly, which can feel repetitive and may not give the desired results. With large numbers it can be difficult to guide everyone through the techniques and correct them when they are struggling. It can also be difficult to keep up with other members of the group especially if you are new.

With our smaller groups there is more of a personal feel, we are able to give the same quality and support to every member of the class to get the best results out of each and everyone of you and help everyone reach their own personal goals.