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Before joining Combat Fit I didn’t have the confidence before to use the gym on my own or even go to a new class on my own. The gym is quite a daunting place when you have no routine to follow and I would worry I was doing something wrong. I was uneducated about my form and which workouts were best for me and why.

So I started Combat fit to bring something new to my fitness routine, I’d hit a point where I wasn’t progressing anymore, and I was lacking motivation. Since joining Combat Fit I have lost 1st 9lbs in 18months. The biggest difference is probably my shape in the last 3 months from that photo and I’ve dropped a dress size in the last year. I have also made small changes to my diet. I’ve found a fitness routine and diet that I can stick too instead of something that I can only keep up with for a few months. It’s now all part of everyday life and I actually enjoy it now and feel better in myself.

I am 100% more motivated now. I can now train on my own as I’m more educated on my workouts from classes and I don’t get bored as I’m learning more things all the time. Just when I think I’ve mastered something like a lunge a new advanced move is thrown in the mix and it gives me something new to practice on my own. I’m focused on getting it right rather than rushing through something because I’ve now learnt more about my form. I now know how important it is to work the right muscles and how not to injure myself.

My future goals are to carry on toning, especially my arms, as I feel like that’s my problem area. Most importantly, get wedding dress ready for 2021!!!
I started CombatFit because I wanted the extra coaching to make sure I was performing at my max and not giving up too soon. I needed someone there to make sure my form was good and I to make sure that I always put 110% effort into each session. I struggle with pushing myself hard enough without someone there to inspire me to keep in going.

Since joining combat fit I’ve gained muscle mass and lost fat which is great. But my biggest gain has been knowledge. I now know to eat more protein and think more about wholegrain foods and good fats and just by watching what I put in my mouth and my diet has changed loads. But I also make sure I don’t starve my body of the fuel it needs to grow and repair.

I now know how to work out the most efficient way that I can around my schedule. I’ve managed to achieve my fitness goals just by regularly attending combat fit classes and changing my diet with the knowledge I have gained. I try to also carve out time for myself in the day to sit and stretch to gain greater flexibility on my key joints, so I work a larger range of muscles and movements in the gym has also been valuable.

I have better knowledge of gym equipment and movements and how to get the best out of each exercise, and the motivation to keep achieving my goals knowing that there is someone there keeping an eye on you. I’d like to be stronger in a specific range of movements, focusing around Calisthenics movements as my end goals. I’d like better fitness for running with the aim to possibly run a marathon in 2020 and maybe even and iron man in 2021, but that’s a secondary goal right now. Strength and flexibility work is my focus and in the words of Ross Edgely, “General life preparedness”.
After moving back home from living away, I wanted to improve my fitness, lose weight and tone up. I had interest in boxing and liked the look of the classes combat fit had to offer, so I started Combat Fit in July 2018. I have lost over a stone and lost inches everywhere, which has helped boost my self-confidence. I couldn’t run or do any core exercises, but now I can run and keep up with the core class. I’ve noticed my core strength has improved massively since starting and I can now do full sit ups and leg raises. With the progress I have made, I can now buy nice clothes from a shop instead of having to order online.

I attend x2 classes a week and feel I’ve stuck with it because it’s fun, challenging and different every week and everyone at class is so friendly.

I have achieved plenty of personal goals, but there is still more I would like to achieve. My future goals for 2020 is to lose more weight, improve fitness and maybe achieve a proper burpee at some point!
“I have a team of people and a professional instructor to motivate me rather than just myself.” I started Combat Fit around September 2018. I needed that extra push and I felt that by joining a group it would be beneficial, as I now have a team of people and a professional instructor to motivate me rather than just myself. Before Combat Fit I tried numerous diets and working out at home, I now exercise regularly, I have a much better understanding of health and fitness and my instructor also advises me with my diet and nutrition. I would highly recommend the 4 week bootcamp where I also gained more knowledge about nutrition and health and fitness. My eating habits are much better with an understanding of what foods to eat, calorie intake etc.

I heard excellent reports about Combat Fit and saw the great results that people were getting by attending the classes. I have achieved my goals by attending classes consistently, and I have been using a fitness app recommended by Combat Fit which is excellent!

I feel healthier and much fitter since doing the classes. I was very self conscious before but my body has now transformed, losing inches everywhere and dropping two dress sizes😊 which is fab.

My future goals are to continue with the classes, to exercise, lose weight and maintain my fitness. I continue to go to Combat Fit as the classes are unique …every class is different, working on different parts of your body with great results.
I know every week it’s doing what it should be doing by the pure ache.

I started CF in March 2019 in attempt to try and stop the yo yo dieting that I always fall into when trying to lose weight. When it came to eating correctly and keeping to a fitness routine, motivation was my downfall and I couldn’t run for 2 minutes without needing oxygen 🤭 But with the kickstart from Combat Fit and running 2/3 times a week, I can now run 5k without stopping. Also losing almost a stone has made me feel fitter and more confident. The classes never get boring and is full of lovely members! It’s nice to find a fitness class that I can fit into my lifestyle as I’m a mum of three girls and I work full time.

With help and advice from the instructor at class, I can certainly say losing weight is easier to understand. Wearing my Fitbit and knowing the work needed to burn off that chocolate or crisps really works for me! I know every week it’s doing what it should be doing by the pure ache!! 💪

I now want to continue to get stronger and one day, be able to do multiple full press ups.
Steph transformation image.
Nathan transformation image.
“I started Combat Fit after being recommended by my friend at work who knew Dean, I was introduced to Dean whom presented himself as a very motivated and knowledgeable guy. I needed someone to push me as I’m normally the type of person who takes it easy at the gym and doesn’t see results. Since joining Combat Fit my main goal was to lose weight for my wedding next year, Dean has pushed me further than I normally allow myself, making me feel great afterwards for it. I have lost 1 stone and 6lbs since starting and seen results with my overall fitness and the best feeling is when others notice you have lost weight and look healthier. I feel more confident in myself and no longer shy away from photographs. I want to lose further weight so I can look great for my wedding day.”
“CombatFit has changed my life giving me a new level of fitness, along with a new routine and helped build my self-confidence.

After having 1 year off from exercise and having a baby I wanted to get myself back into shape and improve my fitness, so decided to start Combat Fit. In 6 weeks I have managed to lose 12lbs in weight; achieving my goals through group classes, 1:1 sessions and also a home workout plan written by Dean. It’s not easy getting up at 6:30am on a Sunday morning to do a home workout, but with the motivation and determination I have got now I know that anything is achievable. Combat Fit has changed my life giving me a new level of fitness, along with a new routine and helped build my self-confidence. My Future goals are to drop some more weight and to continue to improve my fitness in the run up to my wedding so I can be in the best shape possible.”
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“Everyone is so supportive of each other and makes all the hard work fun and enjoyable.

I joined Combat Fit after having my children. My aim was to tone up and to lose some baby weight ready for my wedding. In the time I’ve been at Combat Fit my fitness levels have improved, I’ve had fun, toned up and lost 2 stone 8lbs! Going from a size 14 to a size 10! My energy levels have improved and my confidence has grown. Everyone is so supportive of each other and makes all the hard work fun and enjoyable. I want to continue to now work on my toning concentrating on my core.”
“Losing weight and toning up, have always been my long term goals. But before I started Combat Fit, I found it hard to motivate myself in the gym and I just needed that push in the right direction to get started. I achieved it thanks to Dean and his fantastic classes. I’m thankful for the motivation he gave me throughout my sessions and the support he provided, as he was always at the other end of the phone offering me advice and tips for my diet, helping me to keep it clean. Once gaining my self-confidence back, I wanted to attend the gym on my own, following a plan Dean had given me to follow outside of our time together and thanks to Combat Fit I now enjoy exercise. I would like to lose more weight and maintain it once I’ve reached my target. Having only taken 4 months to achieve a big difference in my lifestyle and body already, I believe it’s easily achievable.”
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